18 Cute Gel Nails Designs 2017


Cute gel nails are a useful, durable way of having wonderful claws. With gel shines, you don’t fear about cracking or shedding. You can now do them at home or get them done at the salon, though getting them done by an experienced is always suggested. They are as powerful as polymer claws but without having to bother with them taking off. They are also regarded as an eco-friendly solution to polymer claws.

If you are a beginner in gel nails 2017 who knows least about how to get fingernail art, then my publish of guides will type out many of your confusions. Believe for me it is it is looking. The first phase is to keep tolerance, you are not a professional so of the extreme changes and excellence, you have to exercise nail art ideas on regular basis.

Autumn Glitter Gel Manicure

Blend Glitters, Nudes, and Black Together

Cherry Red and Ivory

Daydream, Grey Dove, and Gold Sparkle

Gel French Manicure

Gel Nails with Glitter

3D Gel Nails

A Touch OF Aqua

Acrylic Glitter Gel Nail Art

Add Life To A Dark Backdrop

Go For Variations in The Same Shade

Golden Accents Are All Magic

Heaven’s Rain Manicure

Keep It Versatile

Matte Gel Nails With Cute Embellishments

Nudes with White Gel Polish Accent

White Steals The Show







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