4 Steps to Applying Eyelash Extensions and Mascara Perfectly, Every Time.


“The key to lush, natural-looking eyelash extensions is to keep away from mascara that goes on too clumpy or broad,” says Mally Roncal. Her technique is the best — the evidence is here!

Mascara can convert anyone’s sight but it’s essential for fair-skinned women with brief, mild eyelash to implement it subtly—too much can appear like a strong, goopy walls. Debbie (Redbook’s own professional editor!) agrees: “My mild eyelash are difficult to see, so I like mascara, but some treatments make my eyelash look jarring against my mild epidermis,” she said. I revealed her how using a little eye shadow first can make softer up the whole impact so your vision just seem larger, lighter, as well as fairly.

Makeup artist Mally Roncal works with stars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez and is the founder of Mally Beauty cosmetics.

 1# Curl Your Lashes

Secure a roller at the origins of your eyelash extensions, again in the center, then once more near the information. This types a curved form that makes eyelash seem more time and bigger.

2# Create a Base on your eyelash

A bit of eyeshadow will minimize the contrast between the dark mascara and your eyelash Skin. Sweep a warm beige color that’s a shade or two deeper than your skin tone on your lids.

3# Put Mascara on eyelash

An extending system in a black-brown color will provide your eyelash extensions just enough meaning without being dark colored. Place the magic wand at the base of your eyelash, provide it with a shake, then run it through the finishes.

4# Clean It Up before use eyelash extensions

Comb through your eyelash extensions once or twice with a spooled brush to remove any clumps and fan out the hairs before you use eyelash extensions. This also gives your lashes a smooth finish— like your own, but with a boost.




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