7 Current Fashion Trends For New York Fashion Week


As always, current fashion trends of New York Fashion Week delivers with it the unavoidable predicting of next year’s greatest trends, and while it’s still soon to tell which styles the masses will take to, there was a powerful repeating looks that appeared with a revenge from the high-fashion Fall 2017 runways. While a few are holdovers from this past fall (statement fur, thoughtful layering), others definitely feel shiny and new (chokers, excessive ruffles).

Statement Fur

Overall, fur—both actual and faux—made a powerful displaying on drop fashion runways in various types, but it was the use of powerful shades and printing that actually captured our eye. Two we bet the street-style audience will embrace: Eileen Kors’ flower fur and J.Crew’s pure cotton sweets coat.


We’re used to seeing over-the-top items on style runways that often implement ridiculous ratios. But for drop, developers like Jill Stuart and Cushnie et Ochs were able to blend organized high-fashion ruffles with wear ability.

Shades of Tan

expect to see plenty of trousers, knits, dresses, and—our most liked—outerwear done up in different colors of tan, perhaps the chicest, most traditional shade there is available, from modest khaki to smooth camel.

Shearling Bombers

Traditional aviator-style shearing overcoats have returned for Drop fashion dresses 2017, with developers such as Altuzarra and Kate Scoop displaying them with everything from punch flames to midi outfits.

Turtlenecks Under Dresses

Why hold back until next drop when you can begin examining out this mega-trend—long-sleeve tops padded under dresses—right now? Not only is it simple for any whole body shape to take off, but it allows you to take those slinky falls of fashion dresses for girls 2017, sparkly sequins, and low-cut mixture outfits out in wide sunlight.


Perhaps taking hints from the reality that OTS reduces were massive in the retail store space throughout 2017 and Springtime ’16, designers amped up their offering for Fall 2016, presenting impressive shirts and luxe-looking outfits with the slightly attractive figure for current fashion trends.

Fall Florals

It’s not every fall developers play with florals but for 2017, a pretty significant variety of variety of developers started minimalism to the control and added small yet strong printing to sweat shirts, outfits, and capturing outfits for summer fashion trends.




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