9 Lovely blue eye makeup ideas for girls


Blue eyes always look so amazing for girls. And it will be more attractive if combined with some silver dirt over your eye lids. Nowhere blue eye makeup looks are the perfect choice for events and spreads. You can also make wonderful shiny blue eyes for your new look. Today, we’ve put together 12 stunning blue eye makeup looks and guides to get you motivated this season!

For blue-eyed girls and some women, makeup is a fun way to boost features of the face and highlight natural charm. Although there isn’t a “rule of thumb” when it comes to cosmetics, those with brown hair and blue eyes generally should choose shades, shades and products for and supplement their shading.

Generally, the shiny blue eye darkness would be used in the middle of the eye lids and the silver one on the inner sides of your eye. While at the external sides of the eye, you can select the amazing barbecue cat eye shape created by both the blue and silver eye darkness to enhance the final effect. You would use dark cat eye lining, dark lining on the lower eyelash line and lots of dark dense building mascara for this perfect eye makeup look.

Natural Looking Spring Pinks

Warm and Golden

Slight Smokey Bronze

Smokey Matte Brown

Glittery Pink

Colorful Eyeshadow Combinations

Green Eye Color Look

Navy Blue Makeup

Metallic Eye Look








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