Hottest Highlights for Dark Hair 2017


Dark-haired women often need contact ups and drinks for their locks by the indicates of stylish features. If your features are already washed out away or you are just new in locks featuring globe then this information is for you. Here you will look for the hottest highlights for dark hair for 2017. Let’s have a look at them.

Highlights for Dark Brown Hair.

Red is a stunning hair color for black hair. It makes dark brown hair dye very attractive. According to the night of your hair you can choose either black birdwatcher red or Marsala features. They both are stylish shades or brunettes. Those who have short hairstyles can make softer them with red features.

Blonde Highlights for Black Hair.

Dark women may take illustrations from stylish black superstars. Here you see Beyonce in black hair style which is beautified with golden-haired features. Highlights are included only on the edge which cover her temple. It is stylish and eye-catching short hair style in two-tone colors which build a fancy comparison.

Dark Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights.

There is something very sophisticated in ash locks shades. Both black and light ash brownish locks shades work with golden-haired features. Since ash brownish is a black and a kind of flat locks shade you may apply bright golden brown hair dye features to cheer you locks shade up.

Golden Blonde Highlights for Brown Hairstyle.

There is nothing more attractive than fresh dark blonde highlights on brown hair. It seems as if these sun-kissed blonde shades have come up to make your brown hair shinier, flashier, fresher and prettier. They work with each other so harmoniously and beautifully. The effect is best felt on long wavy black hair color.

Burgundy Highlights for Black Hair.

Wine red is a deep and rich dark red locks shade with the wine-y effect in it. It is closer
to dark red chestnut hair color which work ideal with dark locks. Wine red red is a very shiny locks shade and makes dark locks very seductive.

Caramel Highlights for Dark Hair.

Caramel is a great combination of heated brownish and unclean golden-haired shades that’s why it goes with dark locks. Caramel features cheer up darkish and dark locks shades and make them a bit heated. If you have a heated complexion then this featuring idea will be the best one for you to choose for 2017.




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