Mini And Fish Tail Stacked Braid Hairstyle


I’ve been watching this Mini And Fish Tail Stacked Braid Hairstyle everywhere! Since always in the back of my mind, I thought it would be fun to share how the style was going. Headband braids are a great way to add a little something extra to your favorite curls or waves. For this look, I have decided iron plans of the mine and really love how easily they dress my straight locks. This type of braid also easily transition into a handful of other hairstyles. If there is another version that you would like to see in a tutorial, then make sure you let me know in the comments section below!

Stacked Fish Tail and Mini Braid Supplies:

Phase 1 / Start by splitting the locks on the right side. Then split, from a little area into the heavy part of the piece, 1 “back from the locks line, and braid it into a three string braid.

Step 2 / Crisscross two hooks on the end of the braid and the video are of the shape.

Step 3 / Pick up a 2 “section of locks straight beneath past one and create a Nederlander fishtail braid. Proceed to get the locks until you reach the forehead. Then follow the braid towards the finishes.

Step 4 / Reverse again through the braid and pull the edges to make it broader and more complete.

Step 5 / Cover the braid around the rear again of the head. Divide a little area of locks below the top of the top locks. Braid tie to this little area with a rubber band.

Step 6 / Let’s get down the very first three string braid and sit right over the center of the fishtail braid.

Step 7 / Pin the small plate where the fishtail braid finishes. Place the top locks over the finishes to cover.

Step 8 / Aerosol style with lacquer to set. Sleek down the edges of the braid to set any fixed power.




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