Step-By-Step Katniss Everdeen Hairs Braid


The French Hairs Braid is incredibly easy, it’s the exact same factor as a France braid the only distinction is you are taking the components of locks under the braid, instead of over the braid like you would in France. Below are actions on how to get the look yourself! Satisfied Starvation Games!

STEP 1.) Take a Chunk of Hair, as little or big as wanted
STEP 2.) Split into three smaller Chunks (1,2,3)

STEP 3.) Take Group 1 and pull it under group 2.

STEP 4.) Then take Group 3 and Bring it under Group 1.

STEP 5.) You are now going to add hair into group 2.

STEP 6.) Once you added the hair, you are going to then take group 2 and bring it under group 3.

STEP 7.) You are going to add Hair into group 1. Add in hair to the group that is being held between her fingers. Then Bring that under the braid.

STEP8.) Keep adding hair into each group like you would for a french braid. Pull the groups under the braid and then over. You are basically reversing a french braid.

STEP 9.) Continue this the entire way down.

STEP 10.) Make sure you pull the hair tightly so it stays in place.




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